ASI Technologies Rebranding as ASI Drives

March 31, 2016

ASI Drives…

  • Performance
  • Solutions
  • Value
  • Gear Technology
  • Customer Satisfaction

ASI Technologies, Inc., an industry leader in battery-powered gear drives, is rebranding as ASI Drives.

ASI Drives clarifies ASI’s mission to deliver world-class gear drive solutions to our target markets, providing superior product value for our customers. ASI designs and manufactures the best battery-powered gear drives for machines up to one ton.

ASI makes this change in order to help push further into the AGV and warehouse automation markets. Our engineering focus and lean manufacturing techniques make us a perfect fit for the material handling industry.

“Our ability to solve problems, deliver maximum performance and offer true value to our customers has always been our business strategy,” Vice President of Sales & Marketing Bob Banion, said. “We continually innovate our gear and motor technologies with American Gear Manufacturing Standards.”

Thank you to all of our customers and supply partners that have supported ASI since 1986. We look forward to working with more companies as ASI Drives celebrates our 30th Anniversary.

Bob Banion, V-P Sales & Marketing

Evan Cross, Sales & Marketing Assistant