Production Manager

400-MAN · Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

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Do you like

  • Being an asset for both production and management
  • Being a team player and supporting your co-workers
  • Having clearly defined accountability in a fast-paced production environment

Do you dislike:

  • Not being appreciated
  • Having little impact on your company’s success
  • Just producing reports and not having an input to critical objectives

The Production Manager is to be the single point of responsibility for all issues pertaining to the organization, control and scheduling for the production of goods necessary to meet the Customers’ requirements. They will be required to work closely with other Managers and Supervisors to ensure that we meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. Reports to the President of the company.

Position Summary: To oversee and or perform the following:


  1. Plan, develop and publish a production schedule that will meet customers’ requirements without exceeding our ability
  2. Report on production activities
  3. Recommend human and material requirements necessary to meet production targets
  4. Develop and implement standard operation procedures for the production processes
  5. Monitor and review personnel performance and organize necessary interventions for improvement
  6. Develop and report on a training program to ensure all associates are fully qualified for the work being performed
  7. With the other Managers develop and maintain a status board for all production activities
  8. Manage production operations in accordance with company policies and procedures

Job Requirements;

  1. Bachelor’s degree, Business, Administration, Management, Engineering
  2. 5 years’ experience as a Production Manager
  3. Knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing processes
  4. Knowledge of process improvement techniques
  5. Knowledge of human resource principles and practices
  6. Solid computer skills
  7. CPIM a plus

Must Adhere to ASI Corporate Core Values

Quality – Flexibility – Integrity – Think Big – Sense of Urgency

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