FRED is smart in its simplicity. This automated guided vehicle (AGV) is simple to set up, productive, flexible and safe. For significantly less than other AGVs, you can be up and running with FRED in no time—without the need of IT support.

FRED is Simple

FRED does its job by following clearly marked magnetic tape paths that are easy to install, adjust or move. FRED is not connected to the internet and does not require a complex technical setup.

FRED is Productive

FRED solves labor shortages and eliminates the need for workers to transport goods across the floors.

FRED is Flexible

With a low profile and a great size, FRED leaves more open floor space than a conveyor. And, it can go anywhere the tape goes.

FRED is Safe

FRED is designed to keep your team safe. It uses lights and noises to alert your team that it is coming through at a very slow speed.

You won’t believe how helpful FRED can be. See it in action by scheduling a 2-week Free Trial today.