Composite Construction Materials

Case Study


One shift manufacturer of composite construction materials looking to automate the movement of finished goods from production to shrink wrap machine.

Opportunity Areas

  • Too much forklift traffic
  • Unsafe traffic patterns
  • Increase operator productivity
Forklift Traffic - Before FRED

ASI Solution

  • Site survey, floor inspection, and review of material flow
  • Suggested solution included 2 FREDs on one main path
  • Installation – Installed 210 feet of magnetic tape and safety tape to the floor in the agreed path
  • Installed in 45 minutes
  • Trained users and supervisors


  • Reduced the number of forklift trips into the production area by 26 / day, approx. 6,000 / year

  • Increased safety by eliminating forklift traffic

  • Redirected workers to more value-added activities

Operator Quotes

“Minimal training required”

“Easy to install”

“I like that FRED has safety sensors”

FRED Traffic and Forklift Traffic - After FRED Installation

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