FRED is the hard-working AGV you need on your floor.

Wanna See FRED Working Hard?

Check out these two videos of FRED carrying and towing heavy stuff easily and safely

5 Reasons to Get a 2-Week Free Trial of FRED:


No Frills, All Function

FRED has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. FRED doesn’t need WiFi or GPS to work. Doesn’t need a fancy controller either. FRED has only two buttons, one on the front, and one on the back. And they both mean “get to work!”.


Great Price

FRED is not just a hard worker, but an affordable one too. For the features and capabilities that FRED brings to your operation, you can’t beat its price. Plus, no expensive setup costs, installation fees, or recurring maintenance or software fees.


Simple Navigation You Control

With the magnetic tape you put down on the floor, you have full control of the path that FRED can take. With a couple extra markers on either side, you can make FRED stop. Put a strip on one side, and FRED will look for the next turn. That’s it. No special training on how to control FRED. No complex tools to add FRED to your team. This robot takes your orders, and follows your lead.


Operational in Less than 2 Hours

Installation of FRED is as simple as laying down the magnetic tape path and pressing the GO button. FRED’s installation does not require any permanent modifications to your floor. Just a little tape and FRED is ready to get to work.


Carry up to 2,500 Pounds

FRED is ready to carry its weight, and the weight of your products and parts. With 2,500 lbs. of carrying capacity, that is a heck of a lot of stuff. And FRED is ready to carry all of that for you at a safe 2.1 miles per hour all around your facility.


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Lots of Locations

FRED can be directed to travel to 8 locations on its path. Simply turn the mechanical dial and FRED will move to that location. FRED can assist in helping with multiple tasks in your process and many locations.


Standard Pallets

FRED fits a standard pallet (40×48) without any adjustment or special tools. Just load up FRED and tell it to get working. If you like euro skids instead, those work just as well. And FRED’s top can be modified to carry specific materials or parts.


Safety First

FRED has some cool tech under the hood including safety lasers on the front and back that detect objects. That way, FRED doesn’t run into any important parts, supplies, or materials. And FRED won’t run into you, either.  When FRED moves it beeps and blue lights turn on that notify the workers that FRED is in the area.  FRED also beeps


Tow Up to 5,000 Pounds

Want to make FRED a tugger? No problem. FRED can tow up to 5,000 lbs. A tow hitch can be added so a dolly can be attached, and pulled safety around your facility. The hitch is easy to use too, so you can quickly drop off the dolly and get FRED carrying material again.


Moves Forward & Backward

FRED saves you floor space because it doesn’t just move in one direction. By moving backward and forward FRED doesn’t require creating a loop and allows you to penetrate tight spaces.

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