With the job market so tight, worker shortages are a real issue in manufacturing. FRED helps keep your team focused and productive by eliminating the need for a person to transport your products. FRED also reduces the product and facility damage caused by human transport. And, it never needs a break or a sick day. For a fraction of the cost of other AGV’s, FRED can help increase your productivity.

FRED2500 AGV transports your product so your team doesn’t have to.

FRED transports your product so your team doesn’t have to. See FRED in action.

“The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte concluded about a year ago that some 22% of skilled manufacturing workers, or 2.7 million valued employees, are retiring over the next decade. Industry growth means companies will need to add another 700,000 skilled employees. So a total of 3.4 million workers will be needed. But due to a variety of factors, the industry is projected to fall a startling 2.0 million workers short of its needs.”

Forbes Magazine

FRED can help improve your productivity for less than other AGV’s. Get a 2-Week Free Trial and see your productivity improve.