One of the concerns with investing in an AGV is the amount of time it takes to get a return on your investment. Since FRED costs less than other AGV’s on the market (overall and licensing), FRED saves money and time. And, since FRED is so easy to set up and use, there is no need for extensive employee training. Drag the sliders below to set a travel distance, number of trips, hourly rate and more to see the ROI on FRED and how many FREDs you may need.

*While this is a general ROI calculator, FRED wanted to share a few important points to consider:
  1. This calculation is a direct labor savings calculator and does not include FRED’s productivity improvements that could result in more significant savings.
  2. FRED doesn’t know the productivity of your current team, so this calculation is making assumptions about your team’s performance that may or may not be applicable to your operation (which FRED would love to be a part of).
  3. FRED knows that worker safety is invaluable. But, you can put a value on FRED. If FRED can prevent one worker injury, it is very happy.

FRED can help improve your productivity for less than other AGV’s. Schedule a demo to see FRED in action.