FRED2500 Specifications and Measurements

FRED is an Easy-to-Use Automated Guided Carrier.

  • 500 lb. empty weight, 2500 lb. max payload
  • 54” X 46” X 11” (with top) 52” X 34” X 10” (without top)
  • Up to .90” ground clearance for use on uneven floors
  • Magnetic tape path navigation ensures easy setup and use
  • Two 12V lead acid batteries standard (two more optional)
  • Safety laser scanners on front and back to prevent collisions
  • 2.1 mph max speed, making it safe to use around people
  • Standard tops for 40×48 and euro skids for easy loading
  • Lighting to indicate travel direction
  • Illuminated ASI logo to indicate status
  • Travel alarm makes it easy to locate
  • Bolt-on fixturing capable, allowing for use with different cargo types
  • Bidirectional for operation flexibility

See FRED in action to get a true sense of its capabilities.

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