FRED2500 Option

Contact Charging


Contact charging allows FRED to automatically charge whenever it is stopped at the contact charger location.


Contact charging includes a collector mounted on the side of FRED, a floor pad and a plug in charger. The charger plugs into a 15A minimum AC power outlet. No power will flow to the contact pads until FRED connects and the charger detects a battery ready to be charged.

FRED2500 Contact Charging


Contact charging is ideal in a 3-shift operation.  The contact charging location should be selected so FRED spends the majority of its idle time on the charger.  You may also want to use contact charging to insure FRED is automatically charged for a 1 or 2 shift operation. In this case you want to insure FRED stops at the charging location for the full length of any un-used shift.  It is possible to install multiple charging locations in case you are not able to insure FRED stopping at one location.

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