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Engineering Excellence

ASI’s Engineering Resources and Experience provide the perfect environment for custom design development.

We Offer

Gear Design Expertise
Our engineers have been working in gear design for more than 100 years. At ASI, they’ve worked with many different companies. The experience of the ASI team makes us confident we’ll be able to solve your problem.

Paper to Prototype Projects in as Little as 8 Weeks
ASI always strives to get projects completed in a timely manner. We are able to customize our product to fit your needs.

ASI uses modern design software for all our products. This helps us design gear drives as efficiently, effectively and reliably as we can.

Finite Element Analysis
ASI looks at every part of its products and analyzes them as finitely as possible. This allows us to know what our products are capable of in precise detail.

AGMA Standard Gear Rating and Design
The American Gear Manufacturers Association is the international leader for gearing standards. ASI is a member of AGMA and follows all its guidelines and standards to produce the best gear drives possible.

Gear Box Design from 100-5000 Watts
ASI strives to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your specific needs. This includes a wide range of gearbox load points that can meet your needs.