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Our broad and deep knowledge of battery-powered motor and gear technologies means we can help solve your problem or design a system from the ground up. We utilize Evoloid Gearing and/or Angled Axis Gearing—combined with conventional gear expertise—for a complete selection of the best arrangement for your project. We have decades of experience creating solutions across a wide variety of system applications.

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ASI Drives has a broad and deep knowledge of gear technologies. We can help solve an existing problem or design a system from the ground up. We have decades of experience, with a wide variety of gear drive system applications. We utilize three specialized gear systems, combined with conventional gearing expertise, for a complete selection of the best gear arrangement to use. We have well-developed global sources of supply which result in high-quality components at the lowest possible cost.


Evoloid Gearing:
  • Provides excellent efficiency and high power density
  • 3, 4, 5 tooth parallel axis helical pinions, no undercut, no pointed teeth
  • Single stage ratios from 7:1 to 22:1
  • Computerized stress analysis
  • Mesh efficiencies generally 95+%
Angled Axis (AA) Gearing:
  • A performance enhancing and more cost-effective approach to applications that typically require spiral bevel technology
  • Axis angles from 0° to 135°
  • Mesh efficiencies of +95%
  • Patented design permits cutting or grinding of face gear on traditional machinery
  • Combined with Evoloid® pinions, high single stage ratios are achievable, i.e., 7:1 to 22:1
  • Angled Axis Gearing
Conventional Gearing:
  • We use computerized stress analysis standards of the American Gear Manufacturers Association
  • We can analyze bearings, shafts, and other interfacing components
  • We can match ratios, center distances and other special requirements

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