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Originator of the Enclosed Transaxle

ASI’s transaxles are the industry standard for enclosed performance. Our designs range from light to heavy duty and are engineered for equipment up to one ton. From the heavy-duty MARK 600 to the versatile MARK 400, all of our transaxle drives offer top performance and endurance for maximum value.

Wheel Drives

High Output and Low Noise

Our wheel drives are versatile, efficient, and ideal for a variety of applications from medical mobility to material handling.

Right Angle Drives

Compact High-Torque Density

Our right angle drives are versatile and can be used in medical and mobile robot applications. These drives include the compact gearbox ZEUS, the scrub drive SPRITE 200, the compact stair lift PLUTO and the versatile worm drive LIGHTNING 200. Our gearing solutions serve a wide range of needs with efficiency and effectiveness.

Custom Products

Engineered for Your Drop-In Solution

Our broad and deep knowledge of battery-powered motor and gear technologies means we can help solve your problem or design a system from the ground up. We utilize Evoloid Gearing and/or Angled Axis Gearing, combined with conventional gear expertise for a complete selection of the best arrangement for your project. We have decades of experience doing this across a wide variety of system applications.

Geared Scrub Brush Motors

Motors Geared for Success

Our geared scrub brush motors deliver high performance for scrub deck applications. These motors are designed to handle the unique requirements of driving disc scrub brushes on floor cleaning machines. Available as a parallel axis design or a right angle design, these drives utilize a gear reduction to match the motor RPM to the intended scrub brush RPM for maximum efficiency.

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