Steerable Wheel Drive Download Datasheet

The CYCLONE 700 is a heavy duty wheel drive ideal for use in tuggers, AGVs or AGCs. It comes with a custom-designed brushless DC motor. The heavy duty wheel drive is designed for use with a separate steer motor assembly. It is used in applications where weight and durability are critical.


  • Material Handling
  • Mobile Robots & AGVs
  • Floor Care


  • Sealed drive system:
    Rugged; compact
  • Optional components:
    Electromagnetic power-off brake, internal encoder, safety encoder, connectors, brake cover, IP67 conformity
  • Voltage:
    48V DC
  • Wheel:
    Integral 200 mm diameter
  • Gearing:
    Helical compound planetary
  • Brake options available:
    Up to 12 Nm


Sample Application Data
Maximum Wheel Load 1,500 lbs Motor Type BLDC with Hall Effect Board
Maximum Grade 7% Gear Ratio Between Encoder Shaft and Output Shaft 20:1
Minimum Speed Loaded on Level Ground 393 ft/min Acceleration on Level Ground 0.5 m/s²
Minimum Speed Loaded on Level Ground 300 ft/min Power Consumption Fully Loaded on 7% Grade at 300 ft/min 1.47 kW

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