Right Angle Drive Unit for Stair Lifts

The PLUTO right angle drive unit is a compact, low-cost stair lift drive. It can hold up to 350 lbs. and is designed compactly for low ride height. It has a close-precision aluminum die cast housing that results in close tolerance and low noise. The housing also comes with integrated mounting struts. The low-profile motor comes with the option of a brake and an encoder.


  • Stair Lift


  • 24V
  • 72:1 gear ratio
  • 29 rpm rated output speed
  • 18 amp max current
  • 60Nm max torque
The PLUTO, with its compact design and low cost, is ideal for stair lift applications. Our engineering and sales teams will ensure the PLUTO is the proper right angle drive unit for your product and will make sure all your requirements and specifications are satisfied.

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