Right Angle Drive Unit for Stair Lifts Download Datasheet

The PLUTO right angle drive unit is a compact, low-cost stair lift drive. It can hold up to 350 lbs. and is designed compactly for low ride height. It has a close-precision aluminum die cast housing that results in close tolerance and low noise. The housing also comes with integrated mounting struts. The low-profile motor comes with the option of a brake and an encoder.


  • Stair Lift


  • Motors:
    Permanent magnet DC 4-pole, 3.98 in (101 mm) diameter, brushless DC option
  • Voltage:
    24V DC
  • Optional components:
    Electromagnetic power-off brake, internal encoder
  • Encoder options available:
    Digital position and motion information
  • Output shaft:
    Hardened carbon steel
  • Reduction ratio:
  • Weight capacity:
    350 lbs.


24V Option
No Load Typical High
Torque, Nm 0 65 87
RPM 35 30 28
Current, Amps 1.5 14 18
Power Out, Watts 0 201 253
Power In, Watts 36 336 432
Efficiency 0% 60% 58%

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