Medium Duty Wheel Drive Download Datasheet

The STORM 500 is a medium duty wheel drive. The dual stage medium duty wheel drive comes with ball bearings on the output shafts. The rugged die-cast housing design and the completely sealed drive system makes it suited for outdoor use. It provides the maximum torque density at a low noise output, thanks to helical gearing and close tolerance parts.


  • Material Handling
  • Mobile Robots & AGVs


  • Sealed drive system:
    Rugged; usable outdoors
  • Optional components:
    Electromagnetic power-off brake, internal encoder, safety encoder, connectors, brake cover, IP67 conformity
  • Voltage:
    24V DC
  • Motor:
    Permanent magnet DC, brushless option
  • Axle Material:
    Stainless steel or hardened carbon steel
  • Axle Diameter:
    Up to 25 mm diameter
  • Gear:
    Two stage helical
  • Reduction ratio:
  • Brake options available:
    6 Nm, release lever


PMDC Motor (25:1 @ 24V)
No Load Typical High
Torque, Nm 0 26 130
RPM 186 167 93
Current, Amps 3.5 26.0 116.0
Power Out, Watts 0 455 1263
Power In, Watts 84 624 2785
Efficiency 0% 73% 45%

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